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Wow! I can speak in tongues!

✨ Good evening to you incredible, God fearing, Woman of God Pastor Sue✨

Glory to God in the highest!! I have to start this message with praise because God is awesome!

After church on Saturday, I was genuinely speechless but in awe, I just sat in my seat giving God praise thanking Jesus for what I just experienced and learnt.

Before I even begin to articulate how astounded I was from the beginning I have to rewind Pastor Sue because this has been a prayer of mine. I’m going back towards the end of the Health conference (14th March) when the Lord my Rapha healed me from my nut allergy, the Lord also graciously spoke through you and said I had been looking and focussing on spiritual gifts, in particular speaking with new tongues. I have been longing/praying over and over again to communicate with the LORD in only a language he understands, to speak in tongues as I am so longing to get closer and closer to God. I have been praying for my own language (which I now know this to be spirit tongue). I remember after service when I spoke to you briefly you said, ‘start to speak, say words, it will come’. At the time I didn't know what I know now, and I also didn't even think to ask ‘what do I say?’.

So, last week when you said the title of the sermon I was like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW - this has been my very prayer!!

I am apologising in advance for the length of this message, sorry, I know you are also busy during the week but I have to share with you how grateful I am and the impact this has by breaking down the different facets to what I was taught on Saturday.

To begin, Jev’s dream - I could have thrown my notebook! GLORY TO GOD!!! the confirmation right there in front of me wow! He is doing amazing things in our church!

Corinthians 14, can we talk about it? Because, I have read this passage countless times and completely missed the boat on what the scriptures mean and what Paul conveyed. Thank you for teaching me that there is a difference between ‘speaking in tongues’ and ‘the gift of tongues’ I thought the two were the same so thank you for clarifying that it is a ‘branch of’. Thank you for walking me through Corinthians 14 and teaching me the difference between tongues and prophesy and how they edify in different ways. I also thank you specifically for breaking down how speaking in tongues edifies and improves our spiritual connection with God automatically giving us access to the spiritual realm!!! Hallelujah!

I was astounded to learn that we can speak, pray and sing with the spirit tongue and even more so at the benefit of this, 1 Corinthians goes in to the AIR where our battles are in the atmosphere!! Praise the LORD for this revelation here. From last week I was so encouraged when you said to speak to the atmosphere when you feel the atmosphere change.

Quick diversion, thank you for the revelation about the God of confusion and how if it isn't God then there is an author! My days I was flawed.

Thank you for helping me to understand the original meaning of the scriptures in its correct context, I was amazed to learn the word ‘Neginah’ meaning to be touched. This made 1 Samuel 16.18 make a whole lot of sense!!!! This was a big revelation for me, I always wondered what was so special about King David’s playing, what was it? His instrument? Thank you and Praise God for the understanding and knowledge I now have that he was playing with his spiritual language and how he spoke, sung and prayed in tongues. This is INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you Lord for understanding!

And then the experience...when you said ‘we are now going to practice’ I genuinely threw my notebook! I jumped out of my seat ecstatic, I couldn't believe it (and thank you for even giving the examples of the sounds the Hebrews use). Thank you for the pre-warning about thoughts that may come to mind ‘about me talking jibberish’ this prepared me and allowed no room for those thoughts to come in, I was overcome with tears at the end. I give GOD ALL THE GLORY, HONOUR and PRAISE!! I have been practicing.

I’ve said it but I have to say it again THANK YOU PASTOR SUE NEIL, PROPHETESS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. You are so genuine, the fact that you would not teach on this until God would show you himself in his Word is just how honest you are. It is so commendable and I know you don't do this for accolades, this is just genuinely who you are, imitating Jesus and a wonderful role model for me at that!! I thank you for walking me through the Word and continuing to grow and increase my desire and hunger for more of Jesus. I am under the priciest authority, the Lord has placed me in the BEST hands, it is a privilege and honour to be one of your flock and learn from the greatest Pastor EVER!

I have been praying for the LORD to bless you with his biggest blessing, YOU SO TRULY DESERVE IT!! May the Lord continue to be your defence and rock of refuge and give his angels charge over you and your family, to keep you in all your ways! The Lord bless you as you continue to put your trust in him!

I love you greatly!

Kolz xx

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