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Why you may have to let go of some of your family and friends

Good afternoon my dear Pastor Sue,

Hallelujah!!!!! Being in the house of the Lord was awesome!

I was so grateful for what the Lord showed you in the spirit at the start, I felt refreshed, renewed, strengthened and encouraged right from the start as you prayed.

The beautiful song that the Lord gave you on the spot resonated with me so deeply, it was so timely it was as though it was the words from my soul. What a beautiful song I love it and woke up singing it this morning. 🙌🏾❤️ God bless you Pastor Sue, we are so blessed. I thank God for a new song. 🙌🏾

Wow the teaching yesterday was profound on so many levels. It gave me so much understanding! Thank you so much for the way you took us through the word, breaking it down, explaining, giving us translations and definitions leaving no room for misinterpretation. For the first time I fully understand what the Lord is saying in Luke 12:49-53 and I am so grateful because it is truly so key!

This teaching gave me absolute understanding of past situations. I was actually stunned but so grateful to learn this!!!

Now I understand why things felt the way they did, and why they transpired that way... even when you gave the thought examples of being confused by someone's actions, like “I don’t get how you could do that...” Wow this was so spot on! It’s because the Lord has sent his fire to separate people so that the ones who want to follow his ways are not left in it, and at risk of compromising!

I am so amazed at the level of Lord's love, that he would do this so that we do not compromise, he doesn’t want us in bad unity, anything against him or falsehood! It all makes so much sense.

Learning about the fact that unity is powerful whether good or bad, and that there is a type of peace that you can have that is also bad was a huge eye opener!!!!! No more praying for peace without discernment/wisdom because clearly there are situations that have been caused by the fire that the Lord has sent into them.

Thank you so much for explaining about families, why the Lord was starting there and that they are the root!!! It makes a lot of sense and that the true definition of this is a social group of people closely related! This was key for me to learn and helped me understand even more!

Also I, as you can imagine have never liked the “blood is thicker than water” saying at all so I was grateful for the way you broke this down.

It makes so much sense that even one wanting to serve the Lord can bring conflict to a group where not everyone is aligned to follow Gods word! Wow wow wow. THIS IS SO ON TIME AND ENLIGHTENING!!!!!!

He will divide us from every family, unit/ group that hinders our progress in him! Wow all because he loves us and wants us to be in his family!

Another huge revelation was when you taught us that actually every group has a head! 😱 wow!!!!! So we cannot serve both! So deep and true.

I am so grateful for this teaching not only for understanding but to learn that this is what the Lord does...that should we want to serve him in spirit and truth he will separate us from all bad unity.

Thank you for taking us through the word and showing us that unity is powerful whether good or us deeper understanding of how this was the root behind the Tower of Babel, and that Babel means confusion! You’re such an amazing teacher because you just break every aspect of it down giving clear and complete understanding! I’m so grateful for you!

It is so vital and key going forward to learn and now understand that as you said if God is sending his fire to any group, then there is a part of it that’s not united to him and in light!

I will always look for this criteria now as you said “what is it that has united you...?” 👈🏾 This right here is so important and now I understand how important it is to God!

This teaching also opened my eyes and showed me where I had tried to put out the fire in the past; it gave me understanding to what’s happened in most relationships in my life that I’ve been separated from. I used to be so confused by the things I’d seen/experienced and I get why now. This gave me much understanding for what has happened with many relationships and why.

I understand that the Lord has actually done this for me many many times and I am so grateful for his love that he’s called me to be a part of his family!!!! In good unity! Hallelujah. 🙌🏾❤️

I could also see this in other friendships of the past! Wow this teaching is profound Pastor Sue. As you taught us the fire will be put out when Jesus is no longer being challenged! Amen! “Jesus will help the Christian that wants to live in truth.” AMEN! Thank you Lord.

I am happy and grateful to be cut loose from anything that is not in unity with him, so that I don’t compromise and can be a recipient of his love.

Thank you SO much for this teaching, I’m still just astounded today and holding on to this.

God bless you abundantly our gift of a teacher, Pastor, Prophetess and so much more.

I give God thanks for your life and pray he continues to lead, guide, strengthen and bless you as you teach his people the truth! 🙌🏾❤️

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