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Judgement unravelled

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Good morning my Dear Pastor Sue🩷,

I thank God for yesterday’s edifying and encouraging teaching that I so needed. I’m so grateful to not only know that there will be a range of judgements but to now have clarity on each type too, praise God! Thank you for teaching us about historical judgements and eternal judgement.

I was very encouraged to be taught that none of us will enter judgement for the sins of our fathers.

Thank you for teaching us that both judgements concerns all of mankind I didn’t even know there were more than one until you taught. Wow thank you Lord for lifesaving truth, knowledge and understanding!

I now understand as you’ve taught that the Great White Throne Judgement is not meant for true followers of Jesus, that true believers in Jesus actually have their own judgement! It was extremely sobering when you taught that every time we live our own way etc. we automatically transfer our self to attend the Great White Throne Judgement which is for unbelievers! It makes complete sense after all the teachings we’ve had.

I’m so grateful to have been taught about the judgement seat of Christ which is for true Christians. It made so much sense as you taught and have taught before judgement begins with the house of God! I soooo get it now even more after yesterday’s teaching just as you taught, we will be first. It's concerns those who live Christian lives, because we are the ones who have the truth and know better!

I understand now that this judgement will either be rewards for our service to the kingdom of God or punishment. That this will also separate the true church from the false! It was incredible as you taught us how some will be allocated rewards and know what they are doing when Jesus returns and establishes his government! Hallelujah! It’s all really coming together in my mind and I’m gaining much understanding of the truth and the bigger picture, hallelujah!

It was huge to learn that we will be judged for our service! That it will be judged in four aspects! This was so eye-opening and had me examining the way I serve. The quality, asking what my 'mina' is, pondering on what God has given me the ability to do that I can use for his kingdom, understanding the difference between the minas that God increases and using my own effort with the ability he has given! I now also understand that laziness is seen as wickedness in God's eyes!

The foundation is the true gospel and we add bricks. We build but what we lay on top must match the foundation! Hallelujah! The analogy of the house fire was extremely eye-opening and really challenged me to examine myself. Am I finding and picking up materials along the way; Things that are easy but won’t withstand fire or am I using precious materials, that are more costly and take sacrifice?!

Sooooo deep, this really had me look deep in every opportunity I’m given to serve to assess value. I want to do better and this was a huge eyeopener! It also brought things to mind that I have felt pressed on my heart to do but haven’t done yet. It made me truly think about my minas are so thank you for answering after service and giving me clarity that teaching in Noah’s Ark is an example of 'minas in increase' hallelujah!

The parable in Luke 19 was so eye-opening, thank you for teaching us that this is what the Lord will do when he comes back, and that he is a judge!

Wow I must be faithful with little! Amennnn! It was so eye-opening looking at the virgins and even the servants who couldn’t be bothered, or made effort to deliberately hide what the Lord had given them! It stood out to me that this could even be out of fear of not doing it right as I believe I’ve had that thought before so I thank God I heard this!!!

I understand now that we all have different abilities and some things are distributed to us according to this. That God wants 100% of my ability! He knows my ability so I must not be slothful and lazy!

1 Peter 4:18 was sooooo sobering and eye-opening! That word 'scarcely'! Wow, wow, wow -and as you taught, the Christians that thought they were who will go to the outer darkness and see those in the light! Remaining there until the judgement at the Great White Throne!

Thank you Lord for this word. Thank you for teaching us with the grace of God about the judgement of sheep and goats that pertains to all Christians! It was again sobering to be taught that the Lord will judge sins of commission and sins of omission! Thank you for teaching and reminding us again that in Matthew 25 the Lord examines what we do for our brothers and sisters in need! Even through prayer!

I am so grateful that you also taught on the judgement of Israel, again I knew none of this. That God will use gentiles to rise up against Israel during the great tribulation which is called Jacob’s Trouble! The judgement of the nations that concerns how other nations treated Israel and divided the land that belongs to God! Wow to the fact that he said this should never be divided! Wow to the fact that Winston Churchill gave away over 70% oh my! You taught me so much!

Thank you sooooooo much I didn’t know anything you taught so I thank God for knowledge and understanding that I may apply and use this to implement, influence, change and keep my eyes open to truth!

Wow again I thank God I was so encouraged that God sees the difference between us surrendering to sin and struggling with it! It was also eye-opening for me to see!

Hallelujah “Everything we do in COLIG is for souls!” Amennnn!

“See what you can do to increase the kingdom in some way.” Amennnn!

I’m ready to faithfully serve with substance! Praise God! Thank you for teaching us this much needed truth! Hallelujah!

God bless you my dear Pastor Sue! Thank you for preaching the TRUTH for nearly 20 years (I think) wow 🥹🙌🏾9 of which I’ve been blessed to be under your spiritual guidance and spirit filled teachings, counsel and support that continue to transform me and my life! You are beyond a blessing! May the Lord continue to protect you, enable you and protect this beautiful life changing ministry! I thank God we were able to lift our prayers up believing that our Great High Priest has collected them!

God bless you my dear Pastor Sue! I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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