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Amend your ways

Good Morning Pastor Sue 💛

Still in thanksgiving for the message the Lord had prepared for us yesterday. I’m still actually amazed at how the word was downloaded to you -- how you went for a walk and there and then dictated the Lord's words in your phone...that is just phenomenal!

What I learned yesterday I did not know before so praise God for understanding and teaching me something completely new. I've read Jeremiah 7 before but ‘amend your ways and deeds’ has never read so clearly until you highlighted this yesterday. Thank you for making the distinction between the two and also giving further explanation that our ways are our manner, no escaping this here!

Praise God, through Jesus we have the opportunity to exchange our old lives for new lives. When you mentioned 'we can’t choose how to live this life' I was like oh my days, yes of course because it’s not mine in the first place to dictate, and how it’s important we are to submit to it. I couldn’t believe, well I can now having learnt what I did in the way it was explained yesterday, that if we don't submit, heaven is not even an option.

I gasped within when you highlighted in the word that every time we pay attention to our old nature we are in hostility to God - I was like oh my, oh my! My mind went racing thinking about moments like this; and to now understand that this is what was happening, immediate confession started in my seat.

I can so see how living in the old mindset is a massive hinderance, I can see and understand how it’s not enough to just not sin. How much clearer that verse is, that we must have the mind of Christ Jesus!

Thank you for giving examples in the word of the types of ways that will be brought into judgement. As mentioned yesterday the anger example resonated with me. I remember you mentioning before that just because the Holy Spirit manifests in us it’s not guaranteed entry, and me thinking never do I want to be in a place where I’m thinking I must be on the right track to getting to heaven when it’s actually quite the opposite.

I started writing down in my notebook, “what are your ways?” I have to assess this now to ensure I can confidently say 'no longer'! I love that verse, Job 31:1 - amen to putting up a guard and making a covenant with my eyes!

1 Peter 2:2 -- that analogy of the newborn baby crying for milk was crispy clear; I saw the intensity, I saw the hunger, I saw what happens when satisfied, wow. And then 'what would Jesus do' vs 'what is Jesus doing in me?' Wow yes it’s about seeing evidence!

And to learn about the word cleansing us; I thoroughly enjoy reading the word it’s my main food so I can absolutely relate when it cleanses us, but even to know this how anything else is a supplement was soooo helpful!

Wow, I heard the message loud and clear. Thank you so much Pastor Sue, thank youuuu! Praise the Lord for saving us and his mercy that he is continuing to demonstrate to us! I thank God he continues to use you to fulfil his purposes and I thank God that you are always dressed and ready to receive whatever may come! May the Lord continue to watch over you and surround you with his legion of angels to protect you from all things that intend to cause harm! May the Lord abundantly and richly bless you and keep you and your family in all your ways!

Love you



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