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Pastor Sue Neil

Pastor Sue is a wife, mother, prophetess, pastor, teacher, singer/songwriter, author, life coach, relationship expert and entrepreneur who has been in ministry since 1998 and is known for her straight-forward teaching and prophetic ministry. She has the ability to communicate the will of God in a lively, informative and practical way. Her very own unique method of teaching the word of God is instantly memorable.

Serving the Body of Christ as a Sunday school teacher, lay preacher, worship leader, women's conference speaker and youth pastor prepared her for ministry as resident Pastor at City of Life in God. Juggling the demands of looking after her family, she has been faithfully preaching, teaching and ministering the word of God to the congregation at City of Life in God for over 15 years. Pastor Sue has a heart for God, and a clearly evident love and concern for his people. A very relevant voice for listening ears today.

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Sermons and Worship

Walk through the word with Pastor Sue Neil here or directly on Spotify. You can also hear our latest praise and worship on the COLIG channel. Follow and subscribe to hear more.


Pastor Sue Neil has written two captivating books: Appetite for the World, and more recently, Journey to Salem. Get your copy below.

Journey to Salem

The Son had returned to Temple Valley and the residents of the New City were made aware of the changes that were to be expected to follow as a result.


As the prophets had warned, the assaults were to increase against the citizens of the light - and they did.


The Trinity’s decision to call five young angels into service before the study of the seventh seal, to fight alongside the powerful and experienced Princes and warriors of the heavenly host against the ancient forces of darkness and evil, was extremely unusual.


Luceros’ daring plan to overthrow the Trinity was strangely ambitious but he and his army of loyal supporters vowed to continue their vile rebellion against the light until the appointed time of the end.

Appetite for the World

The last days are upon the Body of Christ and many believers are falling into the trap of trying to mix and match. A little bit of the light and a little bit of the darkness could be an indicator of an underlying desire for the world.


This book, made up of the original sermon transcripts spoken by the author, will help you to identify deception in order to avoid the strong persuasive influences of the world today.


It is also an excellent tool for deciphering the daily emotions that accompany every day life that can at times be overwhelming but also, God's way of communicating his heart for us.

The Deacon Board and Founding Members

Deacon Earl Ray Neil

Deacon Earl is an Evangelist with a passion for reaching people and in particular helping young men become true disciples of the Lord Jesus. He has served the ministry for over 15 years in a number of roles e.g. heading up the Ushering Department; leading and supporting services and prayer meetings, street evangelism, and the Prison Ministry.

He is also a mentor and career advisor to many. He is married to Pastor Sue and they have three children.


Deaconess Haze Noel

Deaconess Haze has served alongside Pastor Sue in a variety of roles since of the start of the ministry.

She is a Business Manager and the Head of Administration. She also leads the Hephzibah Global Prayer Ministry, and the Outreach and Hospitality Ministry.


In addition, she serves as an anointed Worship Leader, an Evangelist, and also has a prophetic ministry of her own. She has two sons, and is also seen as a mother to many.

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